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3" Enviro Bold


            3" Envirowood Bold Blinds are made of PVC foam.  It's heavier in weight than natural wood blinds.  However, these blinds are very durable in high humidity areas such as kitchen or bathroom.   The 3" Envirowood Bold Blinds provide the same warmth of natural wood blinds at fraction of  the cost.    You have more privacy with 3" slats which create a clean, modern  and elegant look.

MSRP Effective Date July 1, 2015
Price subject to change without notice
Click the table below to enlarge view

Colors Available

B02 white

B03 antique white
  • 3" Elliptical PVC Foam Slat
  • 3 1/4" Majestic Valance 
  • 3 1/4" * 2 3/4" Full Size Head rail
  • 2 1/4" Trapezoid PVC Bottom rail
  • Color Coordinated Cord & Ladder
  • Cord Tilt Only
  • Valance return size 4 1/2"

  • Route Less
  • Three on One Head rail
  • Two on One Head rail 
  • Tile Cut Out Download PDF Form
  • Stop Ball
  • Hidden Valance Clips
  • Minimum Width 10 Net"................................Minimum Length 10"
  • Maximum Width as One blind 96"...........Maximum Length 120"
  • Blinds under 13" will have center tilt only
  • Blinds 13" - 17" will have split controls L-R or R-L.
  • Minimum return size is 5/8"
  • Control Position option: L-R,R-L,L-L and R-R
  • Factory Allowance: (+ or - 1/8")
  • For Inside Mount: Deduction 1/2" on width
                                    Deduction 1/8" on Valance
  • For Outside Mount: No deduction on width
                                       Add 2" to Valance
  • Horizontal Blinds 16" and under has tendency to be crooked due to the width and weight


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