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Chelsea Basswood Shutters

Chelsea Basswood Shutters

Chelsea Custom Wood Shutters are made from North American natural timbers. We select basswood especially for use in shutters due to its many qualities including its resistance to bowing and warping when kiln dried properly. Basswood is classified as a hardwood, is sourced from trees planted and grown in North America specifically for the purpose of manufacturing blinds and shutters.

Chelsea Shutters' basswood is kiln dried in an air moisture controlled environment to ensure stability of the shutters. It is naturally medium density timber that is ideal for shutters. Chelsea Shutters have variations of grain and color which are inherent in the beauty of all woods. Every style has its own distinctive character of texture, grain, color, and pattern which brings the artisan look of handcrafted shutters into your home

 Available Louver Size: 2 1/2", 3 1/2" and 4 1/2"

Chelsea Shutter Colors
Painted (White) Colors
Stained Colors
Pure White (001)
Gray-cios (030)
Riva (200)
Old Teak (230)
Silk White (003)
Wedding Band (032)
Paddle (202)
Roseben (231)
Bright White (04)
Snow (046)
Monument (204)
Sonoma (232)
Pearl (06)
Nougat (048)
Fair Oaks (205)
Empire Chest (233)
Chantilly (007)
Weathered Gray (049)
Toasted Pecan (206)
Bison (237)
Deep Dover (008)
Earth (051)
Terra (211)
Woodland (242)
Steamed Milk (009)
Tootsie (052)
New Haven (212)
Vintage (011)
Dark Chocolate (056)
Cola (214)
Sendero (248)
Croft (012)
Pottery (057)
Preakness (215)
Duberry (249)
Vanilla (013)
Tailored White (063)
Mahogany (219)
Cimmaron Trail (250)
Sunlit (016)
Tivoli (114)
Contemporary Gray (220)
Rich Mahogany (251)
Sandy (019)
Black Walnut (221)
Health (252)
Red Pine (227)
Piano (263)
Woodbine (229)


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